Thursday, August 28, 2014

The letter from 1812 (Part 3)

Dear friend

I am so happy that I have time to write to you again, my friend in the future. I hope you read my letters and you know me and my Alphonsus now. I have a good news. The war end and we have serene and happy life again.

            The Looking Beauty looks so peaceful like the heaven and I am there now. I am waiting for my Alphonsus. He promised me he would meet me there. I just came here earlier than the appointment. Because I wanted to write to you about my happy days.

            After war, my Alphonsus came back and it was like the sun set up in the dark world. I couldn`t believe that I saw him.  He still looked handsome although he was in the war. But I worried myself that how I looked like. Because the war made me and others so hard life. However, he smiled so warm like the first time. I never forget that smile because it make me brave and inspire to live happily.

            The difficult time passed but sometimes he looks so sad and silent. I think it is just because of war. I want to make happy to him but I don`t want him to remember that time, so I never talk or ask about the war. But I want to know what makes him sad exactly! My friend in the future, can I know anyone`s mind and thought in the future without talking?
            If I can know it, I would know all sad and happy things in my Alphonsus heart. Then I can make serene to him.

             I feel like my heart is broken when my Alhonsus looks sad. How can I help him? Are there anything that can fix human`s mind in the future? I just want my Alphonsus to forget all the hard and scary time of war.
            But I know he is so happy when he is with me. And I am so so so happy beside him too. I just want to dance, sing, laugh and smile when I am with him. Because he is the reason that I smile in my own world. I feel so much love with him and my love grows up every day. And I know him very well the day by day. I think I was so naughty before and sometime I hurt him. But now I know what I say or do he feels not good. I don`t care anything I just want to love my Alphonsus until I die.

            Oh my friend, I am so sorry that I wrote too much myself. Please write back me your love in the future. I think you have wonderful love there. Why I don`t know I just think.
There is my Alphonsus to come to me...  my hear beats are so fast and I have to run to him, my friend.

Hope everything is going well. I will write to you again soon.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fighting some crazy dogs

Everybody thinks dogs are human`s good friends. They are clever and smart. Also, dogs protect us. However, sometimes they are crazy and scary animals. You know dogs are scary animals if  they try to bite you.

I had never been afraid of dogs before the story happened. Now I know dogs are animals even though they are one of our favorite animal.
A few weeks ago, three dogs tried to bite me while I was walking in the street. I wasn`t usually afraid of dogs but it was dark and I didn`t know there were dogs. Suddenly, the dogs barked me, so I jumped and shouted “oops”.
I think the dogs knew I was afraid of them, so they barked me more and tried to bite me. I was so scared because I didn`t think they attacked me. And I walked back and shouted “go away” but they still barked and run to me and I punched them with my bag. I tried to fine a rock but there weren`t any and I fell on the ground. They tried to bite my leg again but of course I kicked their heads. Suddenly, one of the dog`s head was near my head and I punched it with my bag again.
Luckily, I found a big rock and throw it them and they went away little bit but they came back again. I shouted so loud “HEPL HELP HELP” and someone hear me and helped. And then I called my dad and he picked me up.
I came home but I couldn`t get relax and I was so angry with the dogs. I said “bad dogs, bad dogs”. I told my brother please went out with me. He asked “Why?” I said I wanted to threw rocks to them. My family said “ I am scary” but my dad said to me very strange words. He said he wondered because dogs never try to bite people unless someone scared them. I was so shocked because it means I tried to fight the dogs, first (hahahaha). Although my dad thinks I scared the dog, I understand dogs are animals like wolves, foxes and others.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Medicine lovers

When I was a little girl my grandparents lived with my family. They are very interesting people. My grandma usually says " I am getting sick... or my head hurts or my heart hurts" but my grandpa isn`t like my grandma. He never says he is sick.

One day a very interesting thing happened. There was a small cabin in our yard. I heard something there. Then I ran into the cabin. I saw my grandma was under the bed there. I was afraid of her because I thought she got sick like crazy.

I called her ...grandma, grandma so she looked round. She had something in her mouth and held a glass.

I asked what happened, what you were doing there.
I was taking my medicine, she said. 
I asked again: why you were taking your medicine under the bed in the cabin.
She said she was hiding from my grandpa.
I asked why???
she said "if your grandpa saw that I was taking the medicine he would asked me if he could have some".

I asked if he is sick.
No... just your grandpa really likes to take any medicines although he is healthy so I always hide myself when I take my medicine, my grandma said.

I thought my grandpa is very strange.

But one day, I had a cough so I had to take some medicine. Then A few days later there was some medicine left.

My dad held the medicine and asked whose medicine this is... if it doesn`t need anyone I will take it.

I said you are healthy, daddy so you don`t need any medicine.

My dad answered he would rather he took the medicine than throwing into the trash. 

Then I remembered my grandpa`s story and I realized that both my grandpa and my dad are medicine lover.